Points to Consider with Tshirt Design in Kansas City

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Clothing

Owing to reaching some type of milestone, the company owner wants to prepare a keepsake for all the employees. After considering several options, the idea of purchasing customized t-shirts for each employee comes to mind. What is left to decide is what those shirts need to look like. Here are some factors to consider when developing the ideal Tshirt Design in Kansas City.

The Shirt Style

T-shirts come in more than one style. A crew neck is one of the more common approaches, but there’s nothing wrong with ordering shirts that come with a V-neck. In fact, if the plan is to ensure the shirts are more comfortable, opting for a V-neck that is made using a breathable material is a great approach.

What to Put On the Shirt

A t-shirt provides plenty of space to put something on the back and the front. Feel free to use both areas. For example, the front of the shirt could sport the company logo along with some details about the milestone event. Across the back, include the company slogan. If desired, save the front specifically for something to do with the milestone and move the logo to the back.

Choosing the Colors

Opting for the same colors used for the company logo and various official documents is a good choice. For example, perhaps the logo is composed of red and white. That would look quite nice on a dark blue shirt. Alternatively, the logo would also look great on a black t-shirt. Talk with a professional about color choices and settle on something that will ensure the shirt is tasteful and attractive.


One other key element in Tshirt Design in Kansas City focuses on ordering sizes. Keep in mind that while many people are happy with shirts that are a little oversized, most will not care for shirts that are too small. Ask employees to provide information about what sizes they would like. That will make it easier to round up the number to each size and ensure there are some extras to give away at trade shows and other events.

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