Tips For Buying Quality Black Diamond Engagement Rings

by | May 12, 2016 | Jewelry

While diamonds are traditionally clear in engagement rings, there is a growing market for a range of alternatives to the traditional. Fancy diamonds in a range of colors from green to purple are always popular, but for a more sophisticated and unique look couples are also turning to black diamond engagement rings.

These are unlike other types of fancy diamonds, but they are no less beautiful and spectacular as a central stone or in a setting with other gemstones or other black diamonds. They are a great match with a 14k or 18k yellow gold, and they are very striking in white gold or platinum. These versatile precious stones also look amazing in rose gold, which is a unique combination that is sure to set the ring apart.

Real or Man-made?

Most of the black diamonds sold today are made from actual colorless diamonds that are then heat treated or irradiated to create the black color. It is also possible to literally produce black diamonds in the laboratory by actually growing the diamonds in very short time under specific pressure and controlled conditions.

The most expensive types of black diamonds found in black diamond engagement rings are truly made in nature. These come from carbonado diamonds that are only found in very few places on earth.

These naturally occurring black diamonds have color variations throughout most of the stones, and they tend to be smaller than those that are made from colorless diamonds. With the irradiated types of black diamonds, the color is very consistent dark black with slight incandescent green tints in some natural and artificial lighting conditions.

The black diamonds made from heating are not as intense in color and tend to be more of charcoal gray color that is still very striking. The color choice is really a personal preference, but one that should be clarified before making a purchase.


Unlike a clear diamond, the black diamond does not have the internal fire, and it is solid and does not allow light to pass through the gem. However, with the right cut and polish, these gemstones will be highly reflective and will reflect back the light from surrounding clear diamonds or other gemstones on black diamond engagement rings.

The styles and settings with these engagement rings can range from vintage to classic styles and modern designs to custom design options. Keep in mind, it may be more difficult to get some types of black diamonds in larger sizes, so always talk to your jeweler before making a final choice of settings and black diamonds.