Selecting Bar Stools in Main Line PA

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Furniture

Bar Stools in Main Line PA are great additions to any home decor because they are so versatile. They can be placed at a center island in the kitchen. One or two of them turns the space into a casual breakfast nook or a perfect place to have coffee with a friend. Placing tall ones at the bar in the basement provides a space for hosting billiard parties, or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon watching the big game with buddies. They are also perfect as outdoor furniture on a deck, at the patio table, or near the grill. The key is selecting the best style and height for the purpose and space.

Basic bar stools have a round seat, three legs, and are approximately twenty-four inches high. That is what can be found in department, home improvement, and regular furniture stores. The mass produced, and cost-effective ones range from ones put together with screws or nails, and ones that have to be assembled out of the box when customers bring them home. Those are fine but plan on tightening them up often, and repairing them when they get wobbly and worn. Those are not made to last, and can be of questionable quality. If the Bar Stools in Main Line PA are going to be part of an actual bar set-up, or placed permanently in the dining room or living room, make sure to invest in top quality, hardwood, bar stools.

It is possible to get beautiful and well-crafted bar stools without paying a small fortune. Furniture that is custom designed and completely handmade from scratch may be out of financial range, but there is an alternative. Getting wood furniture that is custom hand crafted combines the cost-effectiveness of state-of-the-art machinery with hand assembled and hand-crafted finishing touches. Furniture is made to order, so customers have many options and styles from which to choose. There are saddle seat stools, Wilford swivel ones, Colby bar stools, and traditional round ones as well. Customers select the wood, the height, the stain, the style, and the type of legs that make up the stool. Stains, paints, and finishes can be blended to match existing furniture if the customer prefers. Pieces are hand sanded, hand assembled, and then dated and signed by the craftsman. Pricing is far less than most people would expect. Before settling for ordinary furniture, Get more information abut handcrafted options.