Here Are Five Cashmere Items That Are Not Sweaters You Can Find in New York

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Clothing

Compare the birthday and Christmas lists of 100 people and you’ll notice one thing they all ask for: a cashmere sweater. There’s something about the soft and silky fabric that makes you feel like something warm and comforting is giving you a big hug.

Not all Cashmere is in Sweaters

However, pullovers and cardigans aren’t the only things made of cashmere. From slippers to a cashmere pillow cover, a range of products are constructed with this material, and you can find them in New York City. Thus, you can feel that warming security wherever you go.

Here are five examples of cashmere items that are not sweaters that you can find when shopping in New York City:

1. Cashmere Pillow Cover

This is not for your bedroom pillow. This heavyweight cover is normally for 20-inch x 20-inch decorative pillows used on chairs or sofas. It provides warmth during chilly days by the fire.

2. Cashmere Blanket

These are normally made with a brushed version of the fabric to give it a smoother, yet plush, feel. Plus, they go well with a pillow covered in the same material.

3. Cashmere Slippers

Cold feet be gone! Unlike other slippers that can still feel drafty while wearing them, cashmere slippers provide coziness and warmth as soon as they’re put on.

4. Cashmere Gloves

Many forms of these ribbed gloves are fingerless. However, this doesn’t mean the exposed digits get cold. On the contrary, the cashmere helps channel the heat to keep them warm.

5. Cashmere Hoodie

Either zipped or worn as a pullover, a cashmere hoodie has an advantage over those made from other fabrics. Thanks to its natural warmth, there’s no need to wear a heavy shirt underneath it. Thus, you won’t feel too hot or too cold.

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