Should One Wear Shoes During Karate Training

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Shopping

When it comes to practicing karate there are two ways of thinking, one is to do it barefooted, while the other is to do it wearing karate shoes. These two methods depend on whether the person is following Japanese tradition of not wearing shoes indoors or whether or not they might be doing their karate training outdoors where there would be a need for shoes to protect the feet.

Japanese Tradition for Wearing, Not Wearing Karate Shoes

The Japanese traditionally separate indoors and outdoors by not wearing their shoes in their houses. However, they do wear their shoes inside public places like museums or meeting places. But, since a dojo, or school, where karate is practiced is not considered a home, and it is a public place, one would think that karate shoes should be worn inside when doing karate.

Whether or not you where shoes while training in Karate will also depend largely on dojo rules.

Health and Safety Kept in Mind for Karate Practice

Another reason some suggest that not all karate participants use karate shoes is that it involves health and safety. That’s because shoes could track in dirt and germs onto the mats. However, other martial arts types such as Kung Fu or taekwondo always wear a soft type of shoes when they are practicing the sport.

Also, if one doesn’t wear shoes, they could possibly pass on, or catch, some sort of foot infection like Athlete’s foot, so it may be better idea to wear shoes.

Bio-mechanics of Karate Play Factor in Footwear Choice

Bio-mechanics in karate refers to how the person delivers their punches and kicks and the way they are able to grip the floor when doing so. Many strikes draw their power from the ground, so wearing the right kind of footing, is crucial. If you aren’t sure about whether or not you should be wearing karate shoes you can consult the leaders of your dojo or school.