Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Shopping

A pool can be a troublesome thing – regular cleaning can wear down on someone, especially when it involves lots of rinsing, vacuuming, and copious amounts of chemicals and testing.

While keeping your pool pristine is definitely not an easy thing to do, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you’d think. With the right equipment, a few good tips, and a proper cleaning schedule, you’ll have no problem maintaining your waters.

Schedule Your Cleaning

If you skip cleaning your pool for days on end and deign to get it done once a week or less, you’ll be confronted with a bulk of work. Instead, take it upon yourself to do a little bit more regularly – that means skimming your pool’s surface and cleaning out the filter baskets twice a week or so.

The more heavy stuff – that is, vacuuming the pool and brushing the walls and tiles – is a weekly job. Twice a week, go ahead and clean out the pool pump’s filter.

As long as you keep on a regular schedule, you won’t have to do more than work on your pool for a few minutes a day, with a little more work to be done on the weekends before you enjoy a long swim.

Find the Right Disinfecting Method

One of the more treacherous and annoying enemies of a pool owner is algae – and pool algae control is something companies like Clearwater Pool Systems are for. The most common way to clear a pool of algae is through chlorine – the chemical hits the water and parts into two separate compounds that oxidize and kill bacteria and algae. However, too much chlorinated water may also present you with health issues, according to LiveStrong. The alternative is ozone – ionized, compressed air, which effectively oxidizes your pool, but leaves no long-term effects.