What’s Hard Water Scale?

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Shopping

Hard water scale includes build-up on a surface caused by minerals discovered in water. Typically the minerals which lead to hard water scale are magnesium and calcium. The scale looks like a white film upon any surface which comes into consistent contact with hard water, like shower doors and faucets. Hard water scale, additionally referred to as lime scale, may be removed with vinegar or commercial cleaners. Also, an individual may install a water softener that removes minerals from water prior to it travelling through pipes.

If a house or other structure has hard water, lime scale builds up anywhere water commonly is used. Hard water scale may accumulate in coffee makers or washing machines, for instance. It also will coat the glass surface of your shower door or metal surface of the faucet. Scale also may appear on fiberglass bathtubs, tiled surfaces, on chrome, and sinks. Hard water scale may be simple to clean if often removed. The longer scale sits upon the surface, the more challenging it is to take off.

Commercial items are available to clean hard water scale up. Usually, the products contain ingredients which sequester, or bind with, minerals within the scale, making it simpler to remove scale and prevent a soap film from building up. Acids like phosphoric acid or sulphuric acid commonly are utilized in commercially available cleansers to bind with and break down hard water scale.

Also, hard water scale may be eliminated with a milder acid, like citrus juice or distilled white vinegar. For the acid to efficiently extract the scale, it has to remain in contact with it for a long time period.