Head To Ankle Protection With Tyvek Suits

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Clothing

Tyvek is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation; the material has a number of unique qualities that makes it a perfect material for clothing as well as a wrap for new construction. Tyvek is extremely strong for a synthetic material, it is hard to tear but on the other hand can be cut easily with a knife or scissors. Tyvek suits with hood are popular because water vapor passes right though the high density polyurethane fibers which are great in areas where perspiration is an issue to deal with. Although water vapor can go one way, water cannot go the other way and penetrate the fabric.

Coveralls and OSHA:

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Act include coveralls in the listing of personal protective equipment. Along with Tyvek, coveralls made from cotton, various blends of polyester and cotton as well as fire resistant cotton are defined. Tyvek are defined as disposable coveralls for use in contaminated areas.

Tyvek suits with hood are used in many places:

Tyvek, is used in the manufacture of many low cost, disposable products that can be found all over. Tyvek suits are simple, one piece with an integrated hood; they are used in a host of industries including painting, automobile repair, insulation installers, fogger operators and even for medical purposes. They are used by those people that are exposed to potential threats in labs and clean rooms.  It is not classified by OSHA as full hazmat but it is still used extensively by those involved in disposing of asbestos.

Tyvek suits with hood are perfect for use by those involved in maintenance work, the material is strong, resistant to tearing and wears extremely well and provides superior protection against grease, oil and dirt. The basic Tyvek is not usable in chemical laden areas but Tyvek coated with Saran most certainly is.

Tyvek suits with hood let moisture out but will not let water in. Tyvek personal protection clothing is inexpensive and disposable. To purchase Tyvek suits with hood online you are invited to contact MPE at domain URL.