How to Choose the Best Commercial Coffee Machine for Your Los Angeles Office

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Coffee And Tea

The task of caffeinating your staff used to be a daunting one. The days of brewing a few cups of coffee at a time have come and gone. Nowadays, offices are ever expanding and looking for new ways to brew the best coffee. There are many types of brewing machines, with many options to cover all your needs and wants. Choosing the right coffee machine to suit your needs in your Los Angeles office has never been easier. You need a machine that is reliable, easy to use, and easy to clean. It helps to narrow down exactly what your expectations are. Here are the two most popular options.

Filtered Coffee Machine

You should start by asking yourself – how many staff members will be drinking coffee and when? Do you have large staff who are expecting to come into work all at once and enjoy a cup of coffee? If so, the best decision you could make would be a filtered coffee machine. These machines hold and keep around 30 cups of coffee freshly brewed at perfect temperature all day. Keep in mind these machines connect directly to a water source. Commercial filtered coffee machines are strong and will withstand constant daily use. Even though these machines are a big investment, they will save you money down the road, as they will consistently and efficiently produce great coffee.

Pod Commercial Coffee Machine:

Are you looking for some variety? Many offices prefer to go with a pod machine, offering a more personalized choice to their employees. Everyone in your office will choose the type and blend of coffee they prefer to drink. A commercial pod coffee machine brews fresh coffee one cup at time directly into a single serve coffee mug. Commercial pod machines have two options for water storage. Water is refillable and stored at the back of the unit, or hooked up directly to a water supply. These machines are the choice for you when working in a smaller office, or in an office where people drink coffee at different times during the day. Commercial pod machines are often smaller in size, easy to clean and easily hidden away to allow for more counter space in a small breakroom.

With these two great options, you are on your way to enjoying fresh brewed coffee every day.

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