Easy Bed Making Tips for Bunk Beds in Green Bay, WI

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Shopping

The easiest way to add floor space in a shared bedroom is with bunk beds. They make the most of the unused space above the bed and often incorporate storage as well to eliminate the need for a bureau. Bunk Beds in Green Bay WI come in a variety of designs but the one thing they all have in common is how hard it is to make the bed on the top bunk. Here are some tips to simplify this frustrating task.

Keep in Place

The first concern is keeping sheets in place. Children’s beds rarely stay neat since kids tend to roughhouse in their beds and twist and turn a lot during the night. Sheet suspenders are elastic strips with clips at each end. Install one on each corner to hold the edges of the sheets in place. This will not help when it comes time to strip the bed for laundering but it makes daily bed making easier.

Choose Smart Bedding

Eliminate the top flat sheet if possible. Some children may not be comfortable with this option but most will not even notice. This sheet is the most complicated to tuck in against the back wall of the bed neatly and cannot be clipped in place. Choose to cover the bed with a comforter rather than a bedspread. These do not need to be tucked in and are easy to toss into place. If a blanket is required for added warmth or comfort consider using duvet clips to hold it against the comforter. The small clips will keep it in place and help to eliminate a step when making the bed.

Avoid Unsafe Shortcuts

Bunk beds in Green Bay, WI have guardrails around the perimeter for safety reasons. Never remove the guardrail that is adjacent to the wall to simplify the bed making process. It is possible for the bed to shift enough in the night for a small child to fall through the gap. The rails are a necessary safety feature.

With the worry about how to make the bed eliminated it is now time to have some fun. Visit Lullabye Shop to pick out the perfect bunk bed set and start shopping for bedding to accessories the furnishings. Make certain to measure out the available space in the bedroom before making a purchase. Beds always look much smaller in a showroom than they do at home.