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Cuban Link Chains and How to Take Care of Them

When you invest in jewelry like Cuban link chains, you expect them to last for a long time. The good ones have either 10K or 14K gold, and if you take good care of your gold, you should have few problems over the years. Here are some helpful tips for proper care and cleaning.

Wearing and Storing Your Gold Chain

You should put your chain on in the morning and take it off before going to bed at night. This prevents unnecessary damage or tangles. A gold chain should have its own velvet lined box or tray. If you just throw it in a drawer, you risk damaging it.

Knotting or Tangling

Cuban link chains are sturdy and do not easily tangle. However, if it becomes stiff or hard to work with, you can place a small amount of olive oil on the chain and work it until it loosens.


If you wear your chain all the time, you should clean it twice a year. Here are some important cleaning tips:

  • In a large container of warm water, place several drops of mild dish soap.
  • Make sure your solution is not too hot, just warm.
  • Some people like to include club soda as a cleaning agent.
  • Let your gold chain soak for at least ten minutes.
  • Use a soft brush (a soft bristled toothbrush is perfect for the job). Clean each link and make sure to scrub the clasp too.
  • Be gentle to avoid scratches.
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Lay your chain on a soft towel and gently dry it.
  • Never use paper towels

If you damage or stain your chain, take it to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning or repair. They have years of experience with Cuban link chains.

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