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Why A New Mattress In Baton Rouge Can Improve Your Sleep

If you routinely find yourself getting a poor night’s sleep, your overall health will begin to suffer. It’s a good idea to speak with a doctor, and to review your sleeping schedule to see if there are any areas of sleep hygiene that need improvement. Upgrading your mattress is one way to instantly boost your sleep hygiene, resulting in a better night’s sleep. Here are just a few reasons why a new mattress in Baton Rouge can improve your sleep.


As mattresses age they lose their ability to be supportive, resulting in more joint pain and more frequent waking throughout the night. A new mattress will be significantly more supportive than your old one, resulting in better sleep. New mattresses are also less likely to put pressure on your joints and muscles, resulting in fewer incidents of waking up in the middle of the night. You may find that you toss and turn less as well, since the new mattress will be more comfortable than your old one.

Free Of Allergens

A new mattress is also a new chance to start over, and ensure that you keep your mattress clean and in great condition. This means vacuuming it every so often to get rid of any dust mites or other allergens that may be lurking around. If allergies are an issue for you or your partner, switching to a different type of mattress may help the issue improve.

Better Made

There have been a ton of new advances made in sleep technology. Many of these have translated to improvements in mattress composition and construction. This means that mattresses made now are almost always going to be more comfortable, and more supportive, than those made years ago. This is true across all mattress types, from foam mattresses made with temperature regulating abilities to spring coil mattresses constructed to ensure that the coils don’t cause discomfort.

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