5 Ways to Simplify Your Shopping Life and Save Money

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Shopping

Everyone is short on time, and looking for ways to simplify. Have you ever considered trying to simplify your shopping life? It’s easy and can save you money, as well as time. Here are three tips to help you get started.

1. List all the kitchen and home items you buy regularly. This step takes the longest, but is well worth it. Separate the list between perishable items, and kitchenette items like paper products, soap, toiletries, etc. If you have an idea of the quantity you use of each of these, that’s great. If you don’t know, don’t worry.

2. Join a retail warehouse club. These clubs offer bulk items at a great savings. You can purchase your non-perishable kitchenette items in a quantity that can last from three to six months, which greatly reduces the amount of shopping you have to do, or even think about. Use a retail warehouse delivery company for this kitchenette delivery, and you never even have to leave the house.

3. Plan your menus at least weekly. When you know what you are going to cook, you make fewer trips to the grocery, saving a lot of time. If you can plan your menus for two weeks at a time, you may be able to purchase more fresh items from the retail warehouse and have these included in your kitchenette delivery, further saving time and money.

4. Use your freezer. Freezing perishable foods that you can’t use right away is a great way to avoid trips to the grocery store. This method also allows you to buy more foods in bulk from the warehouse store. Buy meats in large quantities, then repackage into meal-sized packages and freeze.

5. Cook in bulk. Learn to double the recipes of foods that freeze easily. For example, when you decide to make chili, make a double batch and freeze half. This gives you another meal with no cooking required, saving more time. This gets easier to do as you buy more foods in bulk.

Shopping and cooking are time consuming tasks for everyone. For people living in New York, these tasks can be even more time consuming if you make lots of store trips in lots of traffic or on public transportation. Spending a little time organizing your shopping and cooking tasks can save you lots of time, and lots of money.