Purchasing Custom Shirts in Kansas City For A Class Trip

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Shopping

When a teacher wishes to bring their students on a class trip, it will be important for them to keep track of each person’s whereabouts at all time. There are several ways this can be accomplished, so no one gets lost in a location away from home. One way to keep students within view is with the use of Custom Shirts in Kansas City. This will allow for each student to have a piece of apparel that looks just like their other classmates. Here are some of the features a teacher could select when designing shirts for a class trip.

Shirts Can Be Designed By The Students

One great way to get students involved in the class trip a bit further is with the designing of the shirts they will be wearing. A teacher can have each child come up with a design they would like to have incorporated onto a shirt. The students can then vote on which design they feel represents their group best. The winner will get to have the design placed on each of the shirts.

Colors Can Be Matched Or Separated

It is a good idea to have students wear the same color shirt when on a class trip. Some teachers prefer to separate the girls and boys with different colored shirts to make it easier to find a student quickly if needed. Shirts can be purchased in bulk in the colors and sizes selected, and the design can then be incorporated into the fabric.

Extra Shirts Can Be Purchased To Sell

Teachers can consider purchasing extra shirts for those who will be chaperoning the trip, so the group remains uniform in appearance. Even more, shirts can be purchased to sell to others students in different grades and classes. The money made from these in-school sales can then be used to help fund the class trip.

When there is a desire to purchase Custom Shirts in Kansas City, finding a professional screen printing company will be necessary. Visit us to find out more about the products and services offered as well as to find out pricing if desired.