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Creating the Best Looking T-Shirts With Heat Transfers

If you are new to the business of using heat transfers to create t-shirts and other apparel, you may be concerned about how your first designs will look. While t-shirt transfers are easy to use, there are ways you can make great looking shirts even easier. Here are some tips.

1. Match your transfer to the color of the shirt appropriately. When using dark colored shirts, for example, it is important to choose a transfer that will show up appropriately. White shirts, and many light colored shirts, work well with almost any transfer.

2. Choose transfer sizes appropriately. Large transfers look great on t-shirts and hoodies, but might not work as well on smaller items like hats. Consider proportion as you are pairing transfers with apparel items. Your heat transfer manufacturer can work with you to create transfers in multiple sizes to work with all of your apparel items.

3. Practice. While using a heat transfer machine to apply t-shirt transfers is not difficult, you will find that you get better with practice. Try a few t-shirts for yourself first before making t-shirts to sell.

4. Use the right fabrics. Shirts and other apparel made either of 100 percent cotton or 50 percent cotton/50 percent polyester will take to transfers best.

5. Explain t-shirt care to customers. Help your customers keep their shirts looking great by providing them with care instructions. Shirts should be washed inside out to protect the design. Also, shirts will last longer if they are not regularly washed in hot water.

By following these five tips, you should be well on your way to creating shirts that your clients will love. Once they see the great designs printed on high quality shirts and other apparel, you will have more customers than you ever imagined.

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