One Way Committees Can Generate New Ideas for Apparel Screen Print in Kansas City

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Clothing

Sometimes a committee in charge of coming up with new designs for T-shirts and other promotional items is stumped for good ideas. They know they want to get service for Screen Print in Kansas City for various types of apparel they can sell to customers or give to employees, members or volunteers, but what would be a fresh, welcome change for the upcoming year?

Checking Out Favorite Apparel

One strategy for generating possibilities is to ask members or employees to bring in a favorite T-shirt, jacket or another piece of apparel from a completely unrelated business or organization. This endeavor could even be set up by the committee as a fun social activity. The participants have an enjoyable time socializing and checking out the clothing, while the committee gets a bunch of suggestions to help them brainstorm.

Commemorating Specific Events

What are examples of ideas that might be brought to mind during this activity? The committee may consider ordering Screen Print in Kansas City to commemorate specific events that are meaningful to people associated with the organization. If they are holding an annual picnic, for instance, T-shirts could be created not only with the company name and logo but with the date of the picnic and the name of the event.

Playing With Color

Corporate representatives may be very attached to its official color scheme, but that doesn’t mean each of those colors has to be used on every piece of apparel offered by the organization. The committee might take their cue from professional athletic teams that offer a broad range of fan apparel.

A team with the colors red and gold, for instance, commonly offers T-shirts in red with white lettering, for example. Gold might be used as a small accent somewhere on the piece.

Offering Options to Participants

If possible, the organization may want to offer at least two apparel options printed by a company such as Business Name to represent an event. That doubles the chance that each person attending will be completely satisfied with the design and the color scheme. Browse our website today.