What Type of Engagement Ring Should You Buy?

by | Jul 13, 2016 | proshoppingbloggers

Getting engaged is an exciting time of love and togetherness, but it’s important to select the right kind of engagement rings when you are ready to pop the question in New York or elsewhere. Here is some advice on how to select the cut of a diamond in an engagement ring:

The Four Cs of Diamond Quality

Diamonds for engagement rings are judged on four Cs, which are cut, color, clarity and carats. When it comes to the cut of the diamond, some think it applies to the shape, but it really applies to the stone’s angles. Cut is accomplished by a cutter, so it depends on their skill. If their skill is not good, the diamond will look lackluster and not shiny.

Color, Clarity Can Play Role in Cost

You may be surprised to know that you can get diamonds in several colors from the well-known white to yellow or even pink. Colorless diamonds for engagement rings are the most expensive type. Clarity is important as it tells the amount of possible imperfections, which are called inclusions. The fewer the better is the key to getting a good diamond for your ring, and SI1 and SI2 are a good range to look at.

Carat Weight Refers to Size of Stone

The last C is for carat weight, and the more carts, the more expensive it is. However, the skill of the jeweler can sometimes make up for this and make the diamond look bigger depending on the setting or the shape of the diamond you choose.

An engagement ring is a big step in a relationship and you want the best for your loved one that will be cherished forever, so it’s vital to get the selection right. The bottom line is that if you are seeking out engagement rings in New York, then come to Ascot Diamonds to get the best ring for your beloved.