Types Of Mens Kilts

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Clothing Store

Since the 16th century in Scotland, men have been wearing kilts. Mens kilts began being worn as a practical garment to get through the bitter winter. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the kilt became a symbol of Scottish identity. There are two main types of mens kilts being worn today. It is important to know the difference and when it is appropriate to wear one or the other.

The Casual Kilt

When shopping for mens kilts, there are three main things to consider:

• Pleats
• Price
• Weight

A casual kilt for men is made by using four yards of material, which makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you are attending a destination wedding in a warmer climate or on the beach, this is the ideal choice. It is also a good choice for activities like working, hiking, or attending social events like the Highland Games or a rugby match. For competing in the Highland Games, you may want to consider a machine washable kilt.

Because less fabric is required to make casual mens kilts, it is the most cost-effective option. In addition, it also takes less time to create the pleats in a casual mens kilt.

The Traditional Kilt

If you are interested in truly authentic mens kilts, then you want the traditional kilt. The traditional kilt has all of the original features that you might expect, such as the three leather straps. Eight yards of heavyweight wool are used to make traditional mens kilts. This amount of material makes it possible to make deep, dense pleats, which will provide a more dramatic swing as the kilt moves.

A traditional kilt sits high on the waist, about a couple of inches above the waistline. You can also pair a traditional kilt with a kilt belt if you like. Traditional mens kilts are formal and should be worn to formal occasions and events, such as balls or weddings.

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