Top Three Women’s Boxing Equipment Mistakes to Avoid

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Shopping

More and more women are being introduced to boxing, which is building its reputation and improving women’s fitness. But beginners to any sport need to ensure they are purchasing the right equipment. It is all the more important in boxing where the risk of injury is increased. These are some tips for find the best boxing shoes for women and avoiding fraudulent purchases:

1. Buying Every Piece of Equipment

Commando Boxing says that there are many people who will tell new boxers to buy every piece of equipment and every gadget they can, and it can be tempting when you are starting out. While it is important to invest in the right gear as soon as you begin boxing, there is no need to waste your money on luxuries. Instead, focus your budget on the right shoes, clothing, and safety gear and worry about luxuries later on.

2. Regular Shoes

Both men and women often make the mistake of wearing their regular sneakers in the ring, resulting in slippages and lost fights. These are not only embarrassing but dangerous. Boxing shoes for women have been specially designed to prevent accidents and maximize performance. They contain a stronger grip and protection in all of the necessary areas.

3. Knock-Offs

Specialty shoes are expensive, however, so it is tempting to many to buy discounted shoes which turn out to be knock-offs. These will not only look highly unprofessional, they won’t last for very long and could even be dangerous to wear in the ring. Sneakerfiles suggests avoiding deals that appear to be too good to be true or wearing shoes that appear ‘off’ in some way.

By spending your money wisely and investing in the best shoes and equipment you can, you will perform well in the ring from day one and avoid potentially dangerous accidents.