Reputable Jewelry Buyers in Lincoln Park Turning Jewelery Into Money

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Shopping

Selling jewelry can be a lucrative thing, but to make the most of this opportunity, it will be important to make sure the jewelry is being sold to a reputable buyer. It will also be crucial for the seller to be as informed as possible when it comes to the jewelry items they are selling. Do these two things right, and the money made can be quite good.

Avoid Getting Scammed When Precious Metals are Being Weighed

Reputable Jewelry Buyers in Lincoln Park are the types that don’t pull any punches when it comes to weighting and valuing jewelry. For example, one way a shifty buyer might try to get more for less is when buying gold. Typically, a good buyer will be upfront in terms of the increments used when weighing gold.

Pennyweights are slightly more in weight than an ounce. However, what some buyers will do is weigh the gold in pennyweights and equate one pennyweight for one ounce. This means that they will be paying less for more gold and the seller gets swindled out of a significant amount of cash. When a buyer is upfront in the way in which the gold or other jewelry is weighed, this may be an indication of a reputable buyer .

Know the Item Being Sold Inside and Out

A seller should know exactly what they are selling. Some jewelry is sold primarily for the materials used. In some instances, a designer name can add value onto the materials used. In other situations, the age of a particular piece of jewelry can further increase it’s value. Doing research to know what is being sold and finding out if it is a standard, collectible or a rare piece will help the seller know when a buyer is offering a good or bad price.

Selling jewelry has become big business, which is why there are so many Jewelry Buyers in Lincoln Park. By knowing what to look for in a quality gold buyer like what you’ll find at and by knowing everything you can about the materials and the history of the jewelry you’re looking to sell, you can get the best price possible when turning jewelry into cash.