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Planning a Super Sweet Sixteen With Tulle Fabric

Most girls dream of having the perfect sweet 16 party. Many parents, however, worry about how to pay for the kind of party their daughters desire. If you plan your party at home, you can save big bucks on your party, since renting a venue is usually the biggest expense for a party.

If you have the space in your home, you can transform it into the perfect venue for a glamorous sweet 16. To create the perfect room, choose your daughter’s favorite colors and find fabric to drape the walls. If you’ve never seen a room with draped walls, take a look at some pictures online to see for yourself how easy it is to create a custom look in any room with a little fabric.

Tulle fabric is a great choice for a sweet 16 party. It can be used to drape walls and makes a beautiful table skirt. If you want an opaque look, hang an opaque fabric first, with tulle fabric over the front.

Satin works well for draping walls, too, particularly if you want a more formal appearance. Voile is another good choice, giving a more ethereal look than tulle fabric. You can buy fabric and cut the drapes yourself, or buy or rent drapes ready made for this purpose.

Once the walls of your party room are draped with fabric, you’ll barely recognize it. It is now a blank canvas for you to create your sweet 16 party experience. With your color scheme planned by your fabric, you can add other elements to complete the look. Choose flowers, plates, and a cake that work with the overall theme and color scheme.

With a little imagination and plenty of tulle fabric, you can create a one of a kind sweet 16 party for your daughter that will delight her beyond all expectations.

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