Picking Out Dresses in New Orleans

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Shopping

Buying dresses in New Orleans should be simple in principle. You stroll into a store, choose a dress that appeals to you in a beautiful color or design, get your size, and walk out the door. If only it was that simple! Finding a built garment for you is all about accepting your body shape and highlighting your best attributes.

Full-Waisted Women

If you have a big midsection, are apple-shaped, and are looking to shop women’s clothing in New Orleans, you may wish to lengthen your torso and attract attention away from your waist. To redefine your waistline, choose a dress with an empire or drop waist.

Choose a sash or chain style belt draped low on your hips, instead of a bulky belt tightened around your stomach. Sleeveless and cap-sleeve gowns should be avoided to hide bigger arms. To complement your upper body, choose billowy, bell sleeves that are three-quarters or even full-length.

Fuller Thighs and Hips

A dress should not be shorter than two inches above the knee for pear-shaped ladies with full hips and thighs. When shopping for dresses in New Orleans, choose ones with an A-line skirt that isn’t overly full. A tutu-type dress will look like a short, much fuller dress. Another thing to keep in mind is to find two-piece dresses versus a single-piece dress, as you can mix and match the top and bottom sizes for a far better fit.