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P365 by Sig Sauer: A Daily Carry for Everyone

Subcompact 9mms are smoking hot right now, and the reason is versatility and concealability. Slim and light the Sig Sauer P365 is a carry for every day (we see what you did there, Sig Sauer) that doesn’t compromise by cutting out features – the P365 offers a 10-shot magazine and does deliver the full-sized Sig experience. It’s racking up prestigious awards like the NRA’s Golden Bullseye, Guns & Ammo Handgun of the Year, and Ballistics Best.

What You Need to Know

The Sig P365 is a recoil-operated semi-automatic micro-compact firearm that takes 9mm Luger +P ammunition. It comes with a polymer grip, stainless steel slide and frame, and the trigger is a standard striker. The double recoil spring system keeps recoil manageable for greater control in repeat firing. Weighing in at just over a pound the P365 is 1 inch wide, 4.3 inches high, and 5.8 inches long with a 3.1-inch barrel. Standard features XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, a 10 round flush fit magazine, a 10 round extended magazine, though there is an optional 12 round extended magazine bringing the total capacity to 13 rounds.

The Little Handgun that Could

For those who want a smaller daily carry that is easy to conceal, draw, and fire, the Sig P365 is just the ticket. Likewise, those with smaller hands will find it easy to draw and fire. Ladies will especially appreciate low profile in a purse that allows them to carry with no one any the wiser. Due to the small size, it can also fit easily into a shoulder holster without much altering the fit of a jacket or coat. It also makes for an easily concealable home protection weapon that can be hidden almost anywhere – just keep it out of reach of children. Check this beauty out at your local range or firearms dealer today!

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