Large Terracotta Planters for Commercial Use

by | May 21, 2019 | Pottery Store

Large terracotta planters aren’t just used for decorating an estate. They are perfect in commercial settings. Let’s explore some of the ways these planters are used in commercial settings.

Office Buildings

You may not think of large terracotta planters for an office building, but they provide a perfect balance between new architecture and timeless nature. It doesn’t matter if the building is polished steel or brick; planters made from terracotta fit perfectly as a softener to the concrete jungle. These planters serve as a transitional bridge between the chaotic traffic on the street to the calmness of an office building. The terracotta planters also provide beauty within themselves because some are crafted with flourishes and designs that augment the flowers that are planted in them.

Outdoor Park Spaces

Many municipal parks are visited by hundreds to thousands of people every year. In some large cities, they are visited by millions. Creating a calming space featuring natural terracotta pots can be a great balance for those seeking an oasis within a city. The large terracotta pots can be utilized in a way to create a fountain, adding to their peaceful place in the park space.


Restaurants can utilize large terracotta planters inside their restaurant for décor, but they can be dual purpose outside. If the restaurant has an outdoor café, use large terracotta planters as a decorative wall between the sections of the outdoor seating areas. Plus, depending on the type of cuisine, these planters have been used for cooking and baking bread for centuries.

Museums and Libraries

These spaces lend themselves to large terracotta pots as they work well with the message of museums and libraries. The message of learning, experiencing culture and expanding one’s mind is always a good goal. Enjoying history through discovering ancient beauty right in front of the museum or library is a wonderful learning tool