Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Embroidery in Kansas City

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Shopping

A person who is learning about embroidery in Kansas City might want to know more than just the basics. Who doesn’t like to find out interesting things about a subject they are deeply interested in learning about? Embroidery has a long history and there are some facts that a lot of people don’t know about the subject.

It’s Old

Embroidery in Kansas City isn’t new. The art of embroidery goes back 10s of thousands of years. A long time ago, humans learned to use animal bones and ivory to make basic needles. They also used materials from plants and animals to make threads. Hunter-gatherers practiced the art of embroidery. As civilizations came about, the art got a lot more sophisticated. Some of the ancient works of embroidery can be seen on display in museums across the world. The Internet has a lot of pictures of these ancient works.

Machines Are Recent

For thousands of years, embroidery was done just by hand. There wasn’t any way to produce embroidery at a faster rate. All of that changed when the first machine for embroidery was created in the early 1800s. Although the first machine was crude in its design, it did allow for up to four people to work at a faster rate of speed. After the first machine was developed, others soon followed. The 20th century saw even more inventions to help speed along embroidery.

The World Record

Most people don’t know what there is a world record for the largest piece of embroidery. There is something called the Bayeux Tapestry that is on display in a museum in France. The length of the tapestry is well over 200 feet. The piece was finished in the late 1000s and showed the taking of Britain during the infamous Battle of Hastings. Although it wasn’t always considered a work of art, it’s now viewed as such and attracts visitors to the Bretagne Museum.

Embroidery does have a long and marvelous history people who are interested in embroidery can browse our website to find out more. There is plenty of information available and any questions can be asked by email or by calling.