The Importance of Antique Rug Cleaning

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Online Shopping

Whether it’s accidental or just everyday wear and tear, rugs can take a beating. And while there are plenty of vintage rugs out there that look as good as new, some of your precious family heirlooms may not have fared so well over the years. In areas of the United States, like Houston where the sun is hot, and the humidity is even worse, fading and water damage can ruin an antique rug.

Cosmetic damage isn’t the only reason to seek out antique rug cleaning services. Pollen and pet dander can collect in carpets over the years, and grind deep into the pile of the carpet. You may loyally vacuum your rug, but the truth is, a vacuum can’t reach every tight spot on a rug.

Seeking out a professional in the rug cleaning industry can be an enormous help in getting your rug back in tip-top shape. Houston experts who are trained in antique rug cleaning know precisely how to clean your rugs. They will assess your carpet for damage like stains or faded spots and decide on the appropriate treatment to repair the damage.

Experts will also be able to tell what your rug is made out of. Some antique rugs are made from woven silk, and silk cannot get wet. Rather than trying to wash the carpet yourself, contacting a professional can save you money in the long run, and it can also protect your carpet from further damage, whether it’s accidental or not.

Professionals have the tools to thoroughly clean your rug, thus eliminating allergens and dust or dirt buildup. A clean home isn’t so clean if the carpet at your feet has been collecting dust for years, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with professionals to make sure your rug is clean.