Ideas For Unique Engagement Rings

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Jewelry

If you are busy shopping for an engagement ring and are tired of looking at the same designs in all the jewelry stores, take a few minutes from driving and walking and get online.

You will be surprised at the options for unique engagement rings that you will find with online diamond retailers. These online stores not only provide a selection you won’t find in a mall, but they also offer lower prices for the same quality diamonds.

This is possible because online retailers don’t have the overhead of an actual brick and mortar store, plus they don’t have the inventory space issues. They are also able to sell worldwide, allowing them to get better discount prices from the diamond jewelry manufacturers, literally offering customers a wholesaler’s price.

Choose Your Setting and Your Stones

One of options available at top online jewelry stores it to select a setting and then choose the stones you wish to include. This allows the possibility to choose traditional white diamonds, or perhaps to include some of the fancy colored diamonds as part of the design.

These settings can be in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, as well as in platinum. Depending on the setting selected you may have the choice of all metals or those just specific to the design.

The choice of the central gems, or diamonds and gems to add to the setting, will personal the ring even further.

Look Back or Look Ahead

Some of the vintage types and styles of engagement rings provide the opportunity to make the past come to life in unique engagement rings. With a modern twist on a classic or vintage ring, you can have a one of a kind engagement ring that is perfect for any bride-to-be.

Another option is to consider the very new designs in tension rings, where the diamond seems to sit balanced between the two shanks of the band. These can be designed to look almost magical in the way the diamond seems just to perch within the design.

Go Dazzling

For the look of diamonds without a larger center stone, unique engagement rings in the pavé style are ideal. In this design, it is as if there is a layer of tiny diamonds across the entire surface or part of the surface of the ring.

Not only do these rings sparkle and dazzle, but they can pair perfectly with any type of wedding ring, making them a great option for any bridal set.