How To Pick From The Many Mattresses Available In New Orleans

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Shopping

Whether you’ve been shopping around for a while or just realized you need a new mattress, you’re probably putting it off since there are so many stores in New Orleans that offer multiple brands, sizes and styles. Most people get frustrated quickly when shopping for mattresses because there are so many options. However, if you just remember three words, you’ll likely be able to find the perfect option without much fuss or confusion.


Your body is designed to be supported during sleep in a particular way. Choosing the wrong mattress will cause pain to start recurring over time and could even cause permanent damage. Therefore, you need to consider the support of the bed, as well as what you and your partner need to sleep well. For example, a soft mattress won’t provide the support you need to keep your spine aligned correctly. An unaligned spine will cause tension in all the muscles that line the back, shoulders and glutes, which means your muscles will work harder to compensate, and you’ll feel achy and tired all the time.

A firm mattress won’t provide even support, which will likely create pressure points on your hips and shoulders. This, in turn, can reduce your blood circulation and may cause you to toss and turn all night or not feel comfortable.


You’re going to spend a lot of money on your new mattress, even though you’ll probably seek out discounts and specials. Mattresses in New Orleans cost money and should last a long time. Make sure you select one that uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting durability of the product. Even with highly durable materials, however, it is recommended to purchase a new mattress every five to seven years, depending on wear and tear and your needs.


Of course, part of the satisfaction you feel from the bed is due to the support you receive while resting. However, the mattress should also feel and look comfortable to you. If they are too firm, you may see the springs or imagine that you can, which may make you feel uncomfortable even before you lie down. You also have many options when it comes to comfort needs, such as memory foam, adjustable frames and much more. Therefore, you can choose the sleep system that works best for your needs so that you wake refreshed and ready for the day.

Mattresses in New Orleans should support you, be comfortable and last for at least a few years. Visit Mattress Direct today to learn more and find your perfect bed now.