How to Choose Stylish and Durable Sofas in Lancaster, PA

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Furniture

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home,” but just as many people spend their time in their living room. This is the room where people relax, watch TV and take naps. A lot of this activity (and inactivity) will take place on the sofa, so it must be attractive and durable in addition to being comfortable. Here are some tips for purchasing wisely.

Decide how it will be used. The first decision is knowing if the sofa will be used solely as a conversation space or as a lounging area. Sofas in Lancaster PA come in a variety of styles, and soft pillow-backed sofas are perfect for sinking into and watching a movie or taking a nap. Avid readers may prefer a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge for the back support and to stretch out. If the sofa is to be a conversation area, it should be low enough for both feet to be on the floor and allow easy access to a coffee table.

Remember who will be using the sofa.

Will children and pets be on the sofa daily? The type of material will determine how easy it is to keep clean. Leather, for example, is easy for cleaning away spills, but may not be able to withstand the scratches and gouges caused by pet claws. Tweeds collect pet hair easily, and claws and toys can snag and tear the fabric. The frame is also a concern. A durable frame and solid all-over construction are needed for homes with active children and heavy adults.

Keep the size of the room in mind.

Sofas in Lancaster PA include large, over-sized designs for spacious rooms and compact love seats for small areas. Tape off the area of the home the sofa needs to fill. Walk around this space to make certain it leaves enough room to comfortably move around. Use these measurements to guide the purchase. Consider the height of the room too. A tall sofa could make people feel crowded in a home with low ceilings.

Sofa colors, material patterns, and the final design should be chosen by the style of the room and the personal preferences of the shopper. Their stylish and appealing options will look great in any home and are often the inspiration for a whole new room design.