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How to Best Prepare for a Body Piercing

Body modifications like piercings allow you to express yourself in a fun and alternative way. If you’re interested in getting a new piercing, make sure to do some of the prep work first for an optimum experience. Read on to learn more.

Pick out Your Piecing Beforehand

Determining what you want done early on will make the process go a lot smoother. Tell the studio what you’d like pieced when making the appointment so they can prepare the proper piercing tools for you.

Pick out Accessible Clothing

Select what you want to wear to your appointment the night before. You’ll cut the risk of running to your appointment late if you set everything by your bed the night before. Also, opt for easily accessible clothes.

Make Sure Your Hygiene Is in Check

If you’re getting a tongue piercing, make sure to brush your teeth and scrub your tongue of any gunk. The same goes for any other part of your body, such as your ears or belly button.

Eat Something Before Your Session

Eat a light snack before you take off to the studio. You want to have steady blood sugar levels, but you also don’t want to risk feeling hungry if your appointment is running behind schedule.


To have the best piercing experience possible, make sure to prepare thoroughly before your appointment. Decide on your piercing early so your studio can have all of their piercing tools ready, wash up, and pick the right clothes.

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