How A Coffee Bike Can Help Stand Out and Draw In More Business

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Bicycle Shop

With major coffee giants having locations on nearly every corner, small local coffee shops need to be creative in order to get an edge on the competition. While your shop’s aesthetic and your brand image play a huge role in this, providing your products to a larger area can also be a great way to draw in business. Short of opening another location though, it might not seem like a feasible solution. That’s where the concept of a coffee bike comes in.

This bike can carry everything you’ll need in order to make your shop’s famous coffee, customized to fit your needs. Now you can provide a fresh cup of joe to customers almost anywhere, not just the ones who happen to stumble into your shop. The bikes can also be custom fitted with branding, making sure the bike matches your company’s image and style. There are a wide variety of bike and cart styles to choose from, each with their own niche purposes. Many companies also often offer to design custom bikes, if your company has a bit of a flair for the dramatic or really wants to stand out in a crowd.

The mobility of the bike is also a great benefit, as you can position your staff in high traffic areas throughout the day. If one location slows down to a crawl, they can just cycle around and set up shop somewhere busier, ensuring there’s always a steady flow of potential customers nearby.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a coffee bike for your local business, look into marketing cycle companies for more information on models, styles, and price quotes that fit your business’s needs. To know more, visit the website.

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