Generous Coverage at a Great Price

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Shopping

When searching for golf umbrellas, it’s important to do business with a company who specializes in this type of product. These companies often have their entire catalog available online, so customers can browse through all the options available. Should a customer need a customized product, many companies are able to provide this service at a reasonable price. Many companies also have customer agents available to provide product description, price or answer any questions buyers may have. Most customers are searching for a durable, high-quality item, and there are several different options to keep in mind before making a purchase.

There are many differences between a conventional umbrella and one used for golf. Size is the most obvious; most traditional umbrellas are designed to protect one or two people at the most. Golf umbrellas are usually much larger, since they are meant to protect both a golfer and his cart. Since these umbrellas have such a large surface area, the shaft is generally made from fiberglass or some other lightweight materials, to provide durability without added weight. Because of the generous size, they can be at risk of turning inside out in windy weather. To prevent this, many have two-layer construction with cut-outs to allow wind to freely pass through the umbrella, reducing the risk of the umbrella being carried away by the wind.

With a larger size, it’s important to have a sturdy handle; these can range from plastic, wood or fiberglass, depending on design, and many umbrellas also feature a rubber grip to promote a natural, ergonomic hold when in use.

Coverage On and Off the Course

However, they can also be used off the golf course, especially in particularly rainy areas, for better coverage and protection. Companies who sell golf umbrellas are experienced at providing high-quality items to pro shops or other specialized retailers. They may also supply these umbrellas for golf events, private parties or fundraisers. Fast-food kiosks and valet stations may also find these umbrellas convenient and practical, providing shelter to employees and customers alike. Party planners especially find these umbrellas to be a useful tool when planning entertainment for large groups, since their generous coverage provides shelter from the elements without taking up a large footprint.

No matter which style and design customers choose, they can rest assured that they’ll receive a high-quality, durable product that provides maximum coverage.