Ending the Uncomfortable Situation of Breast Pumping in Public With Shirts

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Shopping

Not all women are comfortable with nursing in public, so they will often pump in private and feed the milk to their babies when they are out and about. However, breast pumping creates its own set of privacy issues, namely trying to find where to go and sit for at least fifteen minutes while you pump. For most women, it ends up being a handicapped bathroom stall because there isn’t a nursing room or “mother’s room” available for such things. That’s hardly hygienic when you think about it, but sitting out in the open to pump is not something you want to do either. Thankfully, you can pump in semi-privacy with a new wardrobe of breast pumping clothes. Here’s how pumping shirts and other articles of clothing work.

Side Slits in the Shirts and Dresses Allow You to Attach Pumps While Keeping Yourself Covered

You still have to contend with the bottles and some of the pump’s upper components being visible, but the actual nipple funnels and your breasts are completely hidden from view. It provides semi-privacy when total privacy is completely unavailable. Additionally, if you want to actually nurse your baby in public, these articles of clothing provide coverage while avoiding the “suffocating blanket over the shoulder and nursing baby” situation.

A Handful of Garments to Start, More on the Way

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