Buying Shoes for Your Man? 5 Tips to Save the Day

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Shopping

Shopping for weightlifting shoes for men don’t have to stress you out. Here are handy shopping tips that could save the day for you:

Get the Right Fit

If you’re buying shoes for your man, then the last thing you want to happen is to order a pair that’s too tight or too big for him. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on other shoes to get his shoe size. Get his measurements instead. That way, you know the numbers will be accurate.

Do Your Research

There are three major categories of weightlifting shoes for men. You have shoes designed for Olympic lifts, flat-soled shoes and shoes designed for power lifts. Some of these help stop lifters from falling forward while some are designed to accommodate low-squat stances, says Men’s Fitness. Buy the shoe that best fits what your man needs out of a pair.

Move Beyond Trends

Trendy, stylish picks might seem like a great buy, but it’s better to go beyond trendy pieces and look for durable, sturdy and well-made shoes. Go to function instead of form. If you want to get your man a pair that’s going to last him a good long while, then invest in a pair of well-made kicks.

Shop With Confidence

Don’t just go online and shop for shoes anywhere. Pick out reliable and reputable shops. Snoop around a bit and check for reviews and feedback. While a few bad reviews can be taken with a grain of salt, if there are too many bad reviews or complaints lodged against the shop or business, that’s a red flashing sign you shouldn’t ignore. Avoid these problems in the first place by shopping only at reputable online stores.


If you truly have no idea which designs or styles are better, ask your man. It’s better to ask and get the right one than to surprise him with a pair that’s entirely wrong for him.