Book Light Vs Light for Glasses – Which is Better?

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Electronics

If you like to read at night but don’t want to use a larger light, you might want to consider a smaller reading light. Whether you want to save energy or use a smaller light so you don’t bother your sleeping partner, a clip on light can be a good option for you. There are a lot of options for reading lights on the market, so you need to choose the best one for you. You can find one based on your budget and what you would like out of a reading light.

Book Light

A book light can be a good option if you would like to keep your light attached to your book. Many of these lights have the option to choose the brightness. Some can be recharged and others require batteries. If you choose to buy a rechargeable book light, you will want to make sure the charge time doesn’t take too long and that the battery lasts an adequate amount of time. Many of these lights have a flexible part so that you can direct the light to a certain part of the book. One of the downsides to a book light is that you need to remove it to flip the pages in your book. Some can also be bulky, depending on the battery size.

Light for Glasses

A light that clips onto your glasses can be more convenient than a book light. Typically, these lights won’t cause any damage to the lenses on your glasses. Many of these lights will also fit onto any pair of safety, reading, or prescription glasses. These kinds of lights will also usually take batteries, but have a long battery life. One of the good things about these lights is that the light is directed in whichever direction you are facing. One downside to these is that the brightness can’t usually be adjusted.

Overall, a light that clips onto your glasses can be more convenient, while book lights are the more popular way to go.

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