Benefits Of Working With Dental Gold Refiners When Practicing Restorative Dentistry

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Pawn Shops

When practicing restorative dentistry, you will likely have patients come in for replacement of their old gold dental crowns and bridges. Many dentists treat these elements as trash. Others decide to sell it to local or online buyers.

While this can bring you some immediate cash, working with dental gold refiners is always a better idea. However, you will need to be patient as their payment process can take some time. Before you decide to go with cash buyers, here are a few of the benefits of selling your bulky dental gold to a refiner:

You Get Maximum Payment For Your Dental Gold Scraps

Many restorative dentists do not try to find a buyer when they obtain dental gold scraps. They will sell them to any buyer who shows interest. This option is good if you need immediate cash on the spot, in most cases, it will only be the lowest estimate. Cash buyers do not have a perfect way of assessing the value of gold in dental scraps.

When you work with a precious metal refiner, you will likely get a good return. The refiner analyzes your dental scraps and uses scientific tests to determine the amount of gold present. They then offer a maximum payment. Working with one can earn extra over what cash buyers might offer.

No Middleman

A large number of cash buyers who come into your office are intermediaries. They do not run a gold refinery. When they present a price, they will always consider the potential return. Sometimes, they can earn double the price they offer you on resale deals. By working directly with a refiner, you will eliminate the brokers. This step means you will get the whole share of your dental gold sales.

Reliable and Secure Transaction

Fraud and scams are common in the dental gold trade industry. The risks are even higher when dealing with cash buyers. By considering a gold refiner as your buyer, you can reduce your chance of becoming a victim of fraud. Refiners have strict transaction processes that guarantee safety and confidentiality. They retain secure records of any payments made for future reference. This means working with a refiner lowers fraudulent risks and ensures reliable transactions.

As you can see, working with dental gold refiners has numerous benefits. However, you need to ensure the refiner is reliable and credible. Bay Area Metals has been in the dental gold refinery field for years. Contact Bay Area Metals today for information on maximizing your earnings from dental scraps and other precious materials in your dental office.

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