Are Black Diamonds a Gift or An Investment?

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Jewelry

When you are presented with a selection of Black Diamond Engagement Rings, the last thought in your mind will be about their value or whether they will be a suitable investment for the future. The purchase of an engagement ring is purely emotional and will become a gift you will cherish forever.

Investment Thoughts Elsewhere

Should investment be your prime consideration, then pink, red or blue diamonds will probably be a better choice. Black diamonds must be large or show distinctive features for you to purchase, when only with a view to a later sale.

Most black diamonds are originally located in specific areas in Brazil and across central Africa. They can be designed within a wide range of jewelry and often favorites for earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Although the use of black diamond engagement rings is not uncommon, they would not be the first choice of most, until of course, you have experienced them and seen their beauty.

Does the Rarity Increase the Investment Valuation?

In their natural state, black diamonds are quite rare in comparison to colorless diamonds. Many are black as they are formed, while some diamonds can be enhanced and burned to show as a black color.

As an investment, they are not sufficiently rare to suggest they will become a great investment in the financial sense, but black diamond engagement rings are given and exchanged for love and in contemplation of a marriage that will take place in the future. It could be argued that they are one of the world’s greatest investments as the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

Some jewelers insist that black diamonds are more suitable for men because they add a masculine impression to the jewelry. This is no longer necessarily applicable as many female celebrities can be seen showing a variety of black diamond jewelry on red carpets across the globe.